Recruitment Fraud Disclaimer


What is Recruitment Fraud?

Recruitment fraud is a growing national trend where fraudsters attempt to use an employer’s name to trick job seekers with fake employment opportunities. This type of fraud is typically carried out through fake job postings, fake websites, or email accounts claiming to be from the employer. The goal of the fraud is to obtain personal information, money, or both. The fraudsters often request recipients to provide sensitive personally identifiable information (bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc.) and/or to make payments as part of their fake recruiting process. Convey will only request sensitive personal information after a job offer has been extended in writing.


Tips for Recognizing Recruitment Fraud:

  1. Be aware of any suspicious emails or communications from people claiming to be representatives of Convey. Often, the emails are poorly written and have numerous typos.
  2. Be vigilant with any communication relating to any recruitment relating to a job that you did not specifically apply to.
  3. Convey only accepts submissions via our Convey Health Solutions Careers website, Indeed, or LinkedIn. Convey considers job postings on any other website fraudulent.
  4. Ensure that any email from a purported Convey recruiter originates from an email address. For example,


Convey’s “Never” List:

  1. Convey will never ask for deposits, purchases, wire transfers or payments of any kind during our hiring process. Any background check or screening necessary will be paid for by Convey.
  2. Convey will never ask applicants to submit personal information via email or text. If personal information is required for application, Convey will send you a link for you to provide that information securely.
  3. Convey will never ask you to complete a PDF, Word, or any other type of document that must be transmitted electronically during the application phase.
  4. Convey will never ask for personal information such as your birth certificate, banking login information, credit card number, driver’s license number or passport number.
  5. Convey will never ask you to submit for a position via email.
  6. Convey recruiters will never email from a “freemail” email address (,,, etc.).
  7. Convey will never ask you to contact third parties to complete your application or be considered for a job (lawyers, bank officials, travel agencies, courier companies, visa/immigration processing agencies, etc.).
  8. Convey will never hire someone without conducting a Zoom or in-person meeting first. Convey will never ask you to set up the Zoom meeting—we will send you a link for the meeting.
  9. Convey will never conduct a text or messaging based interview, and does not use Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Trillian, Telegram, or other third party messaging platforms to conduct interviews.

If you suspect fraud, terminate any further contact, do not forward the email to others, retain the suspected message for potential investigation.


If you have questions about the legitimacy of an open position that you have been contacted by a Convey recruiter about, please inquire at Please include your name, your recruiter’s name, and the position you are applying for.


Are You a Victim of Recruitment Fraud?

If you are a victim of fraud, Convey encourages you to report any recruiting fraud scam to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at, your State’s Attorney General, and your local law enforcement.

Convey also encourages you to review the FTC’s What to Do If You Were Scammed website for further instruction on additional actions you may and should take.