Rewards & Incentives Program

Comprehensive Program Management to Drive Healthy Member Behavior

Rewards and incentives programs offer a valuable opportunity for organizations to improve health outcomes and increase retention.

However, plans today face many challenges with programs, including:

Unintended Health Consequences

Traditional gift card programs are not directed towards products and services that will contribute positively towards a member’s health.

Low Engagement

One-size-fits-all engagement strategies yield subpar results, limiting the potential to improve health and quality outcomes.

High Costs

Plans incur 100% of the cost of issued gift cards, regardless of whether they are used by the member. It is common for gift cards to go unused or be given away.

Ultimately, misaligned programs and low member engagement can leave nearly $5 billion in unused incentives dollars annually.

Convey’s Differentiated Approach to Rewards & Incentives Programs

We work with health plans to define the scope of their programs and strategically configure them to meet expectations. With Convey, plans receive industry expertise to create an end-to-end program that drives member action and delivers the right rewards to improve health and satisfaction.

Program & Member Definition

Strategically aligning the right members with the right incentives.

Proactive Member Education

Convey deploys a multi-channel educational strategy to engage and drive members to take ownership of their health.

Incentive Delivery

Based on members’ clinical activities, Convey initiates and delivers rewards via flexible channels that are closely-aligned with plan objectives.

Actionable Performance Insights

Year-round performance insights into the program to drive short- and long-term decisions that continually improve healthy behaviors.

Flexibility & Options for Medicare Rewards & Incentives Programs 

Convey uses a consultative approach to partner with health plans, configuring each program to achieve better quality outcomes and member satisfaction. We provide the ultimate flexibility in how incentive and reward programs are delivered to members.

Incentivize Activities that Best Match Your Medicare Membership


Annual wellness visits


Diabetes screening


Cardiovascular behavioral therapy


In-home assessments


Chronic condition care




Health risk assesments


Depression screening


Tobacco cessation


And more

We deliver an integrated experience for your health plan through advanced analytics, technology, and market-leading services. Our team of experts support all benefit inquiries to simplify member experience and improve clinical, quality, and risk outcomes.


Learn how a Medicare incentive program can benefit your plan and your members.