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Convey Health Solutions offers healthcare-specific technology and services that:


Simplify and strengthen complex member relationships in the Medicare and Medicaid markets


Provide a suite of administrative solutions that improve operational efficiencies


Drive compliance and quality while meeting industry and regulatory demands

Founded in 2001

100+ Years of CMS Experience

Serving 19% of Medicare Advantage Lives

9 of the Top 10 Health Plans are Convey Clients

Discover how we serve the following sectors through comprehensive, end-to-end member management solutions:

Government-Sponsored Health Plans

Convey Health Solutions serves government-sponsored health plans through a combination of purpose-built member management technology and comprehensive outsourced service solutions.

Our expertise and understanding of regulatory requirements allow your health plan team to focus on driving new business and not on the day-to-day administrative responsibilities that can distract from your core strategic objectives.

At Convey, we understand the value your health plan provides to your members. We have built our technology and services specifically to meet the regulations of government-sponsored health plans, and we continually refine our solutions to strengthen your relationship with your members. As a partner to your health plan, we manage your members with precision, adaptability, and compliance in this highly regulated and ever-changing environment.


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