Deborah Johnson – Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

As Chief Compliance Officer, Deborah oversees the corporate compliance and privacy program at Convey, ensuring senior leaders, management, team members, and delegated entities comply with the rules and regulations of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and other regulatory agencies.

Deborah is a seasoned healthcare compliance professional with over thirty years of healthcare experience. She has expertise in facilitating effective healthcare compliance programs for managed care organizations, multi-hospital systems, behavioral health organizations and physician practice management groups; ensuring compliance is a relevant part of the entire business process. Her prior experience includes positions as Vice President, Compliance IlliniCare Health, Centene Corporation, and CVS/Aetna.

Deborah earned a Doctor of Health Administration and Management from Century University, a Masters of Health Administration and Healthcare Policy from Mercer University, and completed her international healthcare studies in St. Petersburg, Russia. Additionally, she has certifications in Executive Healthcare Leadership from Cornell University and a U.S. certification in Healthcare Compliance from Seton Hall Law School.