Technology Solution for Medicare Member Management

Miramar – Designed to Elevate Your Operations

Our built-for-purpose platform is constructed to compliantly handle Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services processes, complete with reporting and analytics. In fact, compliance is core to who we are. Furthermore, our secure platform is robust and highly scalable. And, while most plan sponsors use several systems, we’ve built a single integrated platform to handle many processes – often 2-4x faster than our competitors.

Turning complex CMS regulations into simplified technology and business processes.

Full enrollment management, from intake and verification to reporting back to the health plan Miramar:Enroll can also handle all cases of disenrollment, re-enrollment, PBM and CMS reconciliations and reporting. Learn More >

With premium billing invoicing and payment processing Miramar:Bill will monitor and manage all functions such as good cause reinstatements, failure to pay, refund processing, CMS & SSA reconciliation, and lockbox/ e-lockbox integration. Learn More >

Grievances and inbound appeals are managed within Miramar:Resolve – research, tracking and resolution including all reporting and analysis for your health plan. Learn More >

Miramar:Capture manages all inbound and returned mail – including enrollment and privacy forms, coordination of benefits, and best available evidence. Learn More >

Miramar:Fulfill – outbound mail processing including automated letter triggering, image retention, barcoding, tracking, inventory management, and quality control. Learn More >

Miramar:Connect consolidates steps and addresses member needs with dynamic member services and customer experience technology. Learn More >


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