Flex Card Benefits

Single Solution for All Your Supplemental Benefits

In today’s increasingly competitive supplemental benefits market…


What supplemental benefits are you considering?


How are these benefits going to impact your costs?


How will you be operationalizing these to maintain or improve the member experience?

Plans are increasingly adding more and more supplemental benefits compromising the member experience, which can lead to an increase in grievances. Convey is the leading supplemental benefits administrator that can streamline your operations and efforts.

Select from one of Convey’s leading supplemental benefit partners or continue to leverage your existing partners.

Comprehensive Flex Card Benefits

We provide support for any supplemental benefit type in your plan benefit package (PBP), or can act as a marketplace for benefits you wish to expand into:

OTC Products

Home delivery and in-store access to over-the-counter health and wellness products.
Learn more about Convey’s market-leading OTC benefit administration >

Food & Grocery

In-store and same-day home delivery of groceries and healthy food products through participating retailers, both national and regional.

Dental, Vision, Hearing

Provide members with ability to pay for their out-of-pocket expenses and access to discounted services and healthcare products.

Safety & Fall Prevention

Support safety monitoring, security, and isolation initiatives with personal emergency response systems (PERS), fall prevention product installations, and more.

Personal Care

Direct pay for approved services such as gym memberships and therapeutic massage.

Transportation & Travel

Payment for non-emergency transportation and commute to medical appointments.

Features of Convey’s Flex Card Benefit Solution


Support of members and of vendors includes:

  • A dedicated member contact center
  • Inbound and outbound member services
  • Support for marketing and sales
  • Benefit card administration
  • Vendor contracting and management


We support variable benefit and multi-purse arrangements by addressing:

  • Configurable business rules
  • Individual or combined allowances on eligible products and services
  • Utilization monitoring
  • Compliance and reporting requirements


Access to benefits with member outreach assistance:

  • Dedicated contact center
  • Visa benefit card
  • Web platform
  • Mobile app
  • Mailed-in forms
  • Provided fulfillment services


Industry-leading market expertise:

  • Competitive market assessment
  • Program design assistance
  • Program management
  • Service level alignment
  • Business process improvement

It can be much more than just implementing a benefit

Additional Services to Support Flex Card Benefit Programs

Benefit-based Incentives

Chronic Condition Alignment

Analytics & Intelligence

"At Convey, customer support and engagement are at the heart of our services and we have always put the best interests of our members first."


– Melissa Murray, Vice President of Operations


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