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Analyze Your Supplemental Benefits

Leverage data analytics to create opportunities for improved clinical benefits for your membership.

By examining the use of supplemental benefits by your beneficiaries, your health plan can find new ways to elevate the member experience and improve the value of your programs.

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Bring supplemental benefit data, medical and pharmacy claims data, member demographics, and CMS risk scores together.

Finding: With Convey’s implemented CMS risk adjustment model, we uncovered that members using our OTC benefit program trended better over time for many member cohorts and conditions.

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Member interaction and care program introduction effectiveness.

Finding: As interaction with Medicare Advantage members is high when managing supplemental benefit programs, we find that the opportunity to introduce care programs and offering incentives for their participation presents great opportunity. This is because members who use the OTC benefit were found to overlap with documented participation in clinical programs in place with their health plan.

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Some member activity uncovers risk gaps.

Findings: Whether previously suspected of certain conditions, or not, certain purchasing or utilization behavior can surface potential risk gaps and opportunity for intervention or confirm engagement in self-care.


  • Monitor potential substance abuse as indicated by high quantity product purchases
  • Identify known diabetics that are managing their diabetes by purchasing alcohol prep pads and diabetic socks, and undocumented diabetics by those purchasing similar products.

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Convey’s analytics provides a clear opportunity to leverage the ongoing engagement that occurs between Convey’s advocates and the health plan members to address and close these gaps.

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